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As a creative director and motion design artist, I combine infographics, multimedia-design, data visualization, and fine arts to push creative boundaries to deliver exceptional and memorable experiences for viewers.

I have been working in this profession for over 13 years, 11 of them with Austria’s largest media provider, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.
At the ORF, I lead a group of talented artists, set designers, graphics, and lighting technicians to bring concepts into reality from project conception through post-production.

I love to work in the details, from the initial idea through the final product using art, technology, and storytelling.

I draw, produce, and develop explanatory videos, information graphics and perform on-air design processing from the control room.

Day to day, I lead and supervise a talented team of professionals to ensure deadlines are met while delivering high quality products.

I am constantly challenged to think creatively, adapt to evolving trends, and deliver content that resonates with our viewers.
It is a fulfilling role where I can shape the visual landscape of the network and leave a lasting impression on our audience through the power of motion design.


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